Smart Solutions

Providing smart solutions to diverse verticals by integrating display and AIoT technologies

AUO extends its value chain from panel to end customer, conducting value transformation to provide smart solutions for diverse verticals, which incorporate hardware, software, cloud, and service platforms, thereby helping different industries tackle digital transformation head-on.


To achieve the highest added value, AUO has been devoted to developing AIoT solutions and offering analysis services to assist businesses across all sectors in decision making and solving management issues. Apart from internally developing new technologies and pursuing strategic collaborations, AUO also continues to invest its robust group resources in the retail, industrial, transportation, medical, as well as education and entertainment sectors. AUO Display Plus, for example, provides industrial and commercial panel applications. Mega Insight and Edgetech possess the advantages of mature intelligent manufacturing software and hardware technologies. U-Fresh Technology provides circular economy solutions. Space4Money, ComQi, and JohnRyan integrate software and hardware solutions for digital signage. AUO Care utilizes Internet technology to integrate healthcare equipment based on a smart information system ERP core. These wholly owned subsidiaries provide one-stop services to markets in Asia, the Americas, and Europe, thereby fulfilling the needs of diverse verticals and building an AIoT ecosystem with clients and partners around the world.


Providing new marketing tools with smart retail

AUO offers retail solutions that integrate hardware and software, including the TARTAN series with multiple sizes and shapes, the A.R.T. display that exhibits paintings at unprecedented levels of realism, the Intel® smart display module (SDM), smart displays, digital information signs, POS displays, and more. Based on their application requirements, business clients can pair these solutions with applications such as interactive digital content playback management systems, smart shelf systems, precision marketing systems, business intelligence analytics systems, people flow management systems, and queuing systems. Clients receive diverse customized products with excellent service quality, which means AUO can create customer-oriented visit or shopping experiences and achieve precision marketing.

Realizing industry 4.0 and circular economy with smart industrial services

AUO’s industrial display applications boast high stability and durability, with built-in multi-touch technology for various manufacturing applications. Through big data and AI technology, AUO offers a variety of industrial information software and big data analysis for every step of the manufacturing process, including industrial visual identification solutions, autonomous mobile robots and management systems, full time manufacturing monitoring, and data analysis. These services help Industry 4.0 smart factories reach their goals for high-mix low-volume manufacturing and continuous improvements to the production process. AUO’s extensive experience in plant operations also facilitate the development of comprehensive water treatment and smart control technologies, which means the company can provide integrated sustainable solutions.

Providing real time information and benefiting all with smart transportation

AUO offers strong, durable, and broadly-applicable public information displays and entertainment displays for land, sea, and air transportation and hubs. Transportation providers can provide clear and timely travel information, multimedia entertainment, and advertisements. In addition, AUO uses telematics to offer passengers the newest multimedia entertainment services; these technologies also allow the company to integrate its self-developed fleet and traffic management system and driver monitoring system, which means transportation service managers can have a comprehensive overview of fleet operations in real time.

Diverse digital applications for smart vehicles

AUO offers the latest display technologies and applications for the smart connected vehicles of the future. These include large one-piece displays for front seats, free-form curved displays, integrated touch technology, as well as high resolution, high contrast, and wide color gamut displays for center consoles, instrument panels, and other in-vehicle devices. The company is also able to extend its expertise in display modules to system integration, as well as achieving IoV software and hardware integration to form a fully digitalized smart driving experience and on-board entertainment.

Improving medical quality and efficiency with precise healthcare

For the medical field, AUO has developed a series of medical displays for professional medical applications such as ultrasound, imaging, endoscopy, and surgery. In addition to high resolution, high contrast, and wide color gamut panels, X-ray sensors have also been created to help doctors make more accurate diagnoses, thus improving the quality and efficiency of medical care. The elderly life cloud platform, health promotion plans, and safety guard plans have been introduced to nursing homes to help the long-term care industry improve its quality and efficiency through digital transformation, and to achieve capitalized, franchised, and branded operations.