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One Minute Spotlight| NEW Display Technology

What’s Next for Future Display? AUO Presents TOP 5 Trends for You!

Based on the Go Premium strategy, AUO has been dedicated to providing high spec and value-added products. Here we released 5 more technology videos to foster a deeper understanding.Through the creative videos with motion graphics, you could easily grasp the trends of the future-shaping technologies. Let’s explore more of the cutting-edge developments and diversified applications.



Micro LED

Get Ready for the Next Generation


Micro LED is set to transform the industry. With LEDs in microscopic size forming individual pixel elements, endless possibility in any shape or size, things you have never imagined are set to become a part of everyday life with the minute but extremely versatile Micro LED.

With years of robust R&D experience, we are bringing Micro LED closer to practical applications.



Superior Gaming Display

Take Entertainment to New Heights


For years, AUO have been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of premium gaming displays, elevating gamers' experience. A gaming monitor helps gamers ace at games, takes care of eyes for long gaming sessions, and offers the most enjoyable gaming experience with the highest quality screens available on the market.



A.R.T. Eyecare Display

Improved Quality of Life


A.R.T. (Advanced Reflectionless Technology), designed to address the reflection issue that results in eye fatigue, is born for eye health. See how we apply A.R.T. across different professions to help boost productivity while minimizing potential eye problems associated with long usage hours.



Sensing Technology

Advanced Human-machine Interaction


Leveraging the profound TFT display technologies developed over the years, we present cutting-edge sensing technology to meet the various demands in the smart retail, smart medical vertical markets, to achieve better human-computer interactions.



Automotive Display

Drive Your Imagination


With ever-increasing digitalization, displays are becoming the key differentiator of modern vehicle interiors. Our automotive solutions converge the most premium display technologies that incorporate customer-centric attributes.