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AUO one-stop integrated touch solution

a high value-added solution that works for multiple purposes


 The AUO one-stop integrated touch solution integrates touch functions directly into the panel production process to increase added value. The advantages offered by AUO’s touch panels include thin and light designs, exceptional optical performance, and simplified production processes. A range of various touch solutions have been developed for tablets, notebook PCs, smartphones and industrial applications.


For notebook PC applications, AUO has developed the oTP (On-cell Touch Panel) integrated touch solution and oTP Lite lightweight integrated touch solution.



Integrated touch functions, easy to be adopted, light and thin

adding up values to your product



The oTP integrated touch solution offers an edge-to-edge design, high-resolution and high-transmittance. It is also compatible with professional drawing styluses for greater smoothness and accuracy during writing, drawing or marking, resulting in a more intuitive user experience.


oTP Lite is the world’s first cover lens free structure for lighter and slimmer devices. Its mechanism design conforms to VESA standards, enabling customers’ products to implement touch functions more easily.


For smartphone applications, AUO’s In-Cell Touch solution adopted the touch and display IC integrated solution that integrates the touch function into the manufacturing process. This greatly simplifies the production process of touch panels, resulting in a thinner touch.


Structure of oTP Structure of oTP Lite Structure of In-Cell Touch


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