Product Features




AUO flat/curved lamination technologies

cater to diverse display purposes with higher safety requirement


Lamination can be done on AUO’s own protective touch glass as well as LCD/OLED displays, using optical clear adhesive/optical clear resin (OCA/OCR) for one-stop adhesion service. AUO’s lamination technology was developed from traditional flat lamination to curved lamination and can fulfill the diverse product and specification needs of customers.


Adhesion Technology Comparison




AUO lamination technologies applied widely in automotive, business and consumer product displays

There are two types of product structures: “protective touch glass” and “plastic cover lens”. Plastic cover lens can satisfy higher safety requirements, as it prevents glass shreds from flying out when the panel breaks.


AUO’s lamination technologies are mainly applied in three product categories. The first is automotive display applications. In response to the trend of large-sized message display driven by IoV applications, AUO forges lamination technology for free-form multi-screen and curved single-screen displays in large size. For consumer products, AUO’s lamination technology for narrow bezel can achieve fully-flat display and fulfill the design style seeking conciseness and leveling. Toward the electronic whiteboards, AUO creates the panels featuring narrow bezel, multi-finger sensing and less vulnerability to signal interference, meeting the demand for interactive communication such as multi-user video conference and digital education.




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