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AUO super high frame rate display

drives unbelievably exciting gaming experience 


A high frame rate gives players a smooth gaming experience, and this is especially true in first-person shooter (FPS) games. Most gamers find gameplay more efficient when using high frame rate displays, because transitions are smoother, rapidly moving objects have less motion blur, and reduced ghosting allows for clearer sight of swift-moving objects or enemies.



High frame rate displays reduce motion blurring and ghosting


Another issue that often bothers gamers is screen tearing. Screen tearing mainly occurs when the graphics card generates images faster than the display can process. Unable to keep up with the graphics card, the display overlays two or more frames in the same screen, resulting in a tear-like occurrence on screen. AUO’s dual-driver technology minimizes occurrence of screen tearing by empowering displays with the processing speed needed to keep up with the latest graphics card technology.



Screen Tearing


AUO’s dual-driver technology makes accuracy and smooth screen details in motion pictures possible

With AUO’s Dual-Driver technology, voltage is applied from both sides of the screen (X-axis) to charge the liquid crystals (LCs) that may not reach full charge in time, opening gate electrodes that couldn’t be quickly opened before and achieving enhanced drive for the whole screen. And through precise calculation and prediction, voltage is transmitted to the undercharged Y-axis pixels where data delay may occur, improving the color display in lower right corners where LCs may be inadequately charged. AUO’s Dual-Driver Technology-360Hz refreshes the game screen every 2.8 milliseconds (0.0028 sec), so players can enjoy low delay and smooth transitions with no tearing, flickering, or ghosting.



The Dual-Driver improves the color display in lower right corners where LCs may not be charged in time



AUO’s high frame rate panel can eliminate motion delay and screen tearing, presenting sharp images without ghosting. This product especially suits fast-paced video games by allowing accurate and smooth display of image details. Besides desktop gaming and notebook PC panels, AUO develops 65” gaming panel, which enables all kinds of gamers to enjoy a stunningly immersive experience.



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