Display System Products

AUO provides a wide range of digital signage products, including the Intel® SDM Ready Display that was designed to be ultra slim and convenient for content management, the stretched display that can fit into any space, the smart shelf display that is perfectly suited for retail shops, and the LED video wall which features flexible scalability. The digital signage can be applied to many scenarios such as large shopping malls, shops, enterprises, museums, and other spaces. By integrating animated information displays with content management systems, AUO digital signage assists in boosting interactions between retailers and consumers. In addition to increasing the number of customers entering the shop, the time spent in the shop and the purchase rate, the digital signage also helps retailers manage operations and businesses, thereby offering more convenience and lowering personnel requirements. Additionally, AUO LED video wall can be assembled into a wide variety of shapes and sizes according to the environments in shopping malls, transportation stations, and entertainment venues. The LED video wall provides a seamless viewing experience and offers new and diverse ways to assemble and apply video screens.


Product Series


Smart Shelf Display Stretched Display


Intel® SDM Ready Display

UHD Super Slim Signage


Open Frame Display

Window Facing Digital Signage

LED Video Wall